Analytical Cleaning Service: Analytical shops of all sizes can benefit from a "cleaning service" that maximizes efficiency and minimizes error. Below are just a few examples.

Standardize Analytical Processes: Methodology can vary between analysts (and within an analyst over time) often producing heterogeneous results. Key infrastructural techniques can be created for analysts to "grab-n-go" standardized variables when needed. Choosing where to apply this standardization should be restricted to the business activities that have a high return on investment.

Automate Reporting: Reports are often created at predictable times (e.g. monthly, quarterly) however this is often a labor-intensive task (likely) due to the lack of data standardization. Designing a process that standardizes the data (and updates to these data) along with an automated query tool where the user can "plug and chug" to create the new report in seconds (rather hours or days) saves time and reduces error.

Optimize Database Queries: Databases are often designed to minimize hardware disc space without consideration for analysis and reporting resulting in significant post-hoc programming time. When large volumes of data accumulate, query run times are extended. To circumvent this queries need to be optimized to run effeciently saving CPU.

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